Convention Crowd, Chicago. 1912. Library of Congress via Flickr Commons

  1. Kuler (via Liz Gerber) – Adobe-owned site for user-uploaded color combinations. Elegant color combinations can be wonderful tools for data visualization, graphic design, and more. In this case, the names provided for the combinations are more colorful than the combinations.
  2. Metro Chicago Data – A handy repository of public datasets from various government agencies and other public sources.
  3. Chicago Crime Map – Crime statistics with a friendly interface. Provided by the Chicago Tribune.
  4. Bewtween the Bars – Brilliant prison blogging project initiated (as I understand it) by Charlie de Tar at the MIT Center for Civic Media. Best of all, you can help transcribe posts!
  5. Bikenapped (via Mako) – A site mapping bicycle theft data around the Boston area. This should exist for every city.

A staircase in the Boston Athenaeum.

Some of these are from more than a week ago, but so it goes…

  1. The Boston Athenaeum is beautiful. I took the picture above back in December when I went there with Mako, Mika, and Mayo.
  2. This list of “best metro data releases of 2011” from The Atlantic makes me want to fire up R and geek out for days.
  3. There’s a bluegrass band based in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). They’re pretty good and you can download their album for free.
  4. Estonia has a flat tax (less surprising was the extent to which The Economist swoons over it).
  5. Studio Pampa (a variety show from Rio Grande do Sul) + President Dilma Rousseff  = Amazing (and don’t forget parts II and III).