A few things I learned this week

December 4, 2011

Oakland Sunset - 2005 - by MichaelMM (cc-by-nc)

The format for this week’s post, which I intend to repeat as an occasional series, was inspired by the inimitable and brilliant Pete Warden’s “Five Short Links.”

New York City has at least one ghost zipcode – The 10048 postal code used to belong to the World Trade Center. Mail continues to be sent there.

The Superbowl MVP is going to Disney(world|land)! – Mako informed me that Disney shoots two versions of it’s famous post-Super Bowl advertisements in order to use them in East and West coast markets. Turns out not only is that true, but sometimes the Super Bowl MVP even visits both theme parks in the ensuing off-season. The first such ad featured the New York Giants’ Quarterback Phil Simms in 1987.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch really (really!) likes skittles – In other news, his homepage is awesome and features a familiar skyline.

Even anti-piracy advocates are pirates – Even more awesome is the fact that when a board member of the Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN offered to help the artist Melchior Rietveldt receive royalties for his work, he asked for a 33% cut (and was recorded doing so).

A “Simple Explanation” of Benford’s Law may exist I really like Benford’s Law, but am ashamed to say I still can’t really explain why it works. I’m hoping this short essay (PDF) by Rachel Fewster will change that. Fewster claims that the explanation is “simple and intuitive” for “anyone with a basic knowledge of probability density curves and logarithms.” Hopefully, I can meet those criteria (H/T Pete Warden).

(if nothing else, Iron Blogger has re-taught me the importance of the occasional filler post)


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