Has the Global Financial Crisis stalled ACTA?

October 22, 2008

I was working on a short article this morning that looks at some of the recent global governance conflicts over Access to Knowledge when I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve heard of new developments in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations.

Ever since Senators Pat Leahy (D, VT) and Arlen Specter (R, PA) voiced their concerns to the USTR and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade let on that the future of the agreement might be at risk, my RSS feeds and email lists appear to have gone silent on the issue.

Even the USTR has not had anything to say since this October 10 statement (pdf) issued immediately following the Civil Enforcement negotiations meeting.

The best theory I can come up with (absent any evidence whatsoever) is that the trade representatives and negotiators have been a little busy lately dealing with the trade-related complications of the global financial crisis.

Anybody out there know what the USTR’s been up to these days or have new information about ACTA?


3 Responses to “Has the Global Financial Crisis stalled ACTA?”

  1. grippinghandlemming Says:

    Last thing I saw in this neck of the woods was http://www.med.govt.nz/templates/MultipageDocumentTOC____39293.aspx which is pretty much the same as the USTR release (and I blogged it at http://tracs.co.nz/gripping-hand/med-discovers-rss-film-at-eleven/)

    I think it’s a little soon to say it’s stalled, as it’s only been 10 days and we’ve had months between bursts before, but it would not surprise me that some of the key players have been a little busy lately 😉

  2. grippinghandlemming Says:

    That was Mark Harris, BTW – I note that wordpress has logged me in under a different name.

  3. aaron Says:

    Hey Mark! Thanks for stopping by.

    I suspect you’re right. I suppose it’s the news from Australia (DFAT & ISP’s) combined with the financial crisis that has me thinking things may slow a bit. In an election year, however, I agree that we have every reason to expect a flurry of activity on Nov 5….

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