New Mexico ground zero in RNC’s phony voter fraud game

October 21, 2008

TPM does it again, this time raking up some grade-A muck on the phony vote fraud narrative emanating from within the Republican party.

Exhibit A: Claims of fraud evaporate into thin air once confronted with evidence from ACORN.

Exhibit B: The same RNC personnel involved in the unethical firing of U.S. Attorney David Iglesias (the result of cooked up voter fraud claims during the 2006 mid-term elections) are found at the root of the current scam to initiate an FBI investigation into ACORN activities less than three weeks before the election.

Where’s the congressional oversight here?

Blue wins (photo by jaboobie cc-by-nc-nd)

Blue wins (photo by jaboobie cc-by-nc-nd)

Meanwhile, kos points out that CNN’s John King was all over the airwaves with the news McCain is surrendering New Mexico along with a few other battleground states in favor of Pennsylvania (where the polls look almost identical to California these days).

No wonder the New Mexico RNC is getting desperate.


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