McCain refuses Obama handshake

October 8, 2008

The “town hall” debate was a yawn-a-minute, but if you tuned in long enough, you might have caught this:

McCain not only turns down Obama’s handshake, he pawns him off on Cindy.

The moment was innocuous, but it’s exactly this kind of behavior that people read into at this point in a campaign.

Meanwhile, the polling trends are clear: Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, and New Hampshire are all starting to clear the margin of error as they break for Obama.


3 Responses to “McCain refuses Obama handshake”

  1. bolsonon Says:

    Perhaps you dozed off during the closing moments. That would be understandable based on the less than exciting banter between the two, but, Sen. McCain did in fact shake hands with Obama. But it was not caught on camera. For those paying close attention, it was evident that the two candidates shook hands immediately upon the end of the debate, simultaneously blocking Tom Brokaw’s view of the teleprompter. They then–on-camera–stepped away from each in order to allow Brokaw to see the teleprompter. Non-issue. Nothing to read into.

  2. […] I missed this while it was on, but have since been made aware of this clear evidence that McCain has nothing but contempt for Obama. What a fuckhead. Possibly related posts: […]

  3. aaron Says:

    @bolsonon – Yes, I also saw the first handshake – indeed, the candidates blocking Brokaw’s teleprompter was probably the most entertaining moment of the whole evening!

    The failed handshake in this video happened a couple of minutes *after* that. Check the video again if you want to see it for yourself.

    As to whether it is or is not an issue, I agree that it’s not substantive. My point is that it’s possible to read more deeply here and some people will do it (evidence: Grub Street’s interpretation of the video).

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