Israel tells the USTR what to do with the Special 301 “Watch List”

March 21, 2008

Nate Anderson at Ars Technica files an entertaining story on Israel’s public comment in response to the International Intellectual Property Association’s (IIPA) “Special 301” recommendations.

Basically, the IIPA is an corporate lobbying group that wields a great deal of influence over what the USTR eventually puts into the Special 301 reports. It also has a disproportionate say over which countries do or don’t wind up on the notorious “Watch List.” It doesn’t take a lot to wind up on the IIPA sh*t list: anything short of bending to every demand of the group’s corporate membership just about guarantees the the IIPA will tattle to the US Trade Reps.

In response, Israeli officials appear to have concluded that the IIPA (and by extension the USTR) have a tenuous grasp on reality.

Now there’s a surprise.


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