in other news…focus on the blogosphere and social networks

March 11, 2008

Forever behind on the feeds…

HuffPo fronts Pachacutec’s thoughtful analysis (originally at Firedoglake) on the somewhat unsubstantiated views of the democratic candidates that circulate in the netroots community. Pachacutec weighs the evidence and concludes that the possibility that either Obama or Hillary might “pull a Lieberman” is actually quite high and the blogosphere needs to recognize that it will likely have to hold either candidates feet to the fire if they ever make it into the oval office.

Charlene Li reads the social networking tea-leaves over at Groundswell and argues that the current social software ecosystem will look primitive in 5 or 10 years. Memorable quote:  “I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air.”

The Guardian goes out on a limb with a list of “the World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs.” The list is lovely and certainly indicative of something, but without more details on their methodology for making the rankings, I’m inclined to question its validity.

I can’t wait to watch/listen to the debate on bloggingheads between Cass Sunstein and Henry Farrell over the roll of the Internet and the Blogosphere in American politics.

Lastly, and on a (somewhat) unrelated note: I’ve been writing about WIPO like it’s my job for the past few days, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the internet governance debate has stopped. Ian Lamont of The Industry Standard mulls ICANN’s apparent desire not to renew the US Commerce Department’s oversight of its activities (link is to the Slashdot version of the story). If this goes through it will be an important step towards ending the current US private sector hegemony over the management of the net.


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