Resistance to ACTA building in the EU?

March 10, 2008

The lede from another IP-watch article (subscription required) published earlier this week claims that momentum is building among EU NGO’s and activists to challenge ACTA. While I have not read the story (the subscription costs are quite absurd for individuals living in OECD countries and they make no mention of a student rate), I’m curious if this reflects an actual mobilization. If so, there should be traces of it showing up on the web soon and perhaps some concrete action.

My suspicion is that the NGO’s involved at WIPO have gotten wind of the ACTA idea and are looking for ways to intervene. Given the nature of the ACTA proposal, however, this promises to be extraordinarily difficult. Making a stink in WIPO may or may not alter the course of action taken by the ACTA early adopters. This is why it seems to me that targeted resistance directed at the individual country governments and a negative publicity campaign has some potential.


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