Hillary lives? the problem with the resurrection narrative…

March 5, 2008

DemFromCT’s post on DailyKos this morning got me thinking about the way the media has handled the latest events in the democratic primary…

What’s really clear about these results (and their relative meaninglessness as far as the delegate count is concerned) is that the rhetoric of Hillary’s doom/re-birth had long since escalated out of control.

On this front, I blame the MSM for hopping on the Obama bandwagon following his victory in Wisconsin. What has really happened has been a steady momentum shift towards Obama in terms of pledged delegates, not a “roller coaster ride” of life and death wins and losses as Slate’s John Dickerson more or less puts it in his column today.

Sure enough, had Obama won last night, this deal would be sealed and the Hillary-death-watch would be complete. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Obama’s campaign still holds the cards in terms of delegates – and that is unlikely to change in the next few weeks. This is not a resurrection, it’s a chess match where one player has already lost most of the pieces and is scrambling to avoid checkmate.

Sadly, for the journalists among us, this less dramatic story line is pretty boring and doesn’t promise the thrills and spills variety of politics that editors would prefer to sell.

Full disclosure: I support Obama and have made a donation to his campaign.

I also posted a similar comment in response to DemFromCT’s original story on DailyKos.


2 Responses to “Hillary lives? the problem with the resurrection narrative…”

  1. 1dumblonde Says:

    Interesting blog. I support Clinton and have made a donation to her campaign, but I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. aaron Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I think you’re the first!

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